Alvolia Programmatics

Our services:
Art Direction, Branding, Webdesign, Print Design, Production

About Alvolia

Alvolia is a programmatic media buying tool, delivering media campaigns 
that can be set up within a few minutes through the app’s interface 
or with a little bit of help from Alvolia`s customer support. 


Alvolia can:

  • set up brand campaigns and programmatic media buying
  • retarget and recommend products on the majority of the World Wide Web
  • send personalized notifications – recommendations or tailored popup notifications and a lot more.

Our role

We were invited by the guys to help with the branding process. 
In the end result we created the visual identity and the logomark of the app and set up the overall look and feel of their product and marketing materials.

Thoughtful elements coming across all platforms.

We created an element generator based on the three shapes used for Alvolia`s brand presence – a circle, square and the arrow/line. This way we could automatically generate an infinite number of illustrations and pictograms. Programmatic design FTW!

Carefuly picked color combos

The Alvolia color palette is bright and tasty, just like their future. And they match… well, most of them. You can`t have only cold and techy, you need some warmth in your life too, right?  ;)

Folder prettier than your face in the morning.

Seriously. Look at it. Yummy <3

What about some ads?

Simple typography, simple illustrations, simple colors, simple life. But never boring!

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