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About Bettlen

Bettlen is Slovak manufacturer of hunting and sporting rifles based in Košice, Slovak Republic. Based on the longtime tradition of firearms manufacturing in Czechoslovakia, the company has decided to renew production in 2016 under a new name. Bettlen has built up the business based on a 20-year-long tradition of Bretton Slovakia.

Our responsibility

To create a brand focused mainly on foreign clients (France, UAE) and respect the tradition, reliability and the specifics of the firearm manufacturer market.




The logo had to respect the production specifics of firearms, since it`s primary usage is embossed on the barrell of the gun. The main focus therefore was on readability even in the smallest of sizes, style, tradition and conservativeness.




We created a very simple, yet stylish and easily usable branding system focused mainly on an earthy colorscheme and clear cut monochrome imagery.


We had the pleasure to work with one of the most talented photographers in Slovakia – Mr. Matúš Rendek. Been a pleasure :)

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