Our services:
Art Direction / Webdesign

About Dopravoprojekt

Dopravoprojekt offers multidisciplinary design, engineering and consulting services. Dopravoprojekt develops studies, building plans, documentation for zoning decisions, building permits, and implementing documentation.


In order to provide comprehensive services to investors, Dopravoprojekt provides consulting services, engineering activities, author and construction supervision during construction, and also focuses on property rights settlement mainly for public transport systems, including rail transport, river transport objects and ports, relocation of waterways and engineering networks.

Our role

Dopravoprojekt hired us as consultants and suppliers for their new on and offline identity. Our responsibilities included and extensive research and development of the new Dopravoprojekt brand, including the development of a new color scheme, fonts, imagery and implementing the new identity onto a vast array of online and offline media.

The main challenge was to implement and fuse the traditional, historic logo with a bolder and fresher approach.

Blue & orange is the new black & white

We opted for a brighter color scheme – fresh orange combined with royal blue, as two complementary opposites. The iconography incorporates these two colors and still maintains a very clear, minimalist and conservative look.


We also provided hundreds of photos of Dopravoprojekt`s projects along with over 5 hours of videofootage, using drones.

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