Jump Street

Our services:
Art Direction / Corporate Identity / Print

About the client

Jump Street is a fast food restaurant in the heart of Bratislava, focused on fashion and style conscious clients, serving the country famous “goldburger”.


The client came to us with a problem – he had an elite location right in the heart of the city for a fast food restaurant, he had a proper funding and drive, but was lacking an idea. Our responsibility was to come up with one and execute it.




Bratislava is full of the same concept focused mainly on the hipster crowd and the “hamburger” market is saturated.




We proposed to focus on a different crowd – the millennials, “instagram youth”, the hypebeasts and fashionistas and to create something, that differs from the stereotypical wooden/industrial feel of todays` fastfoods.


A different, stylish look was crucial. We opted to use a copper & black color scheme wherever it was possible, even if it meant a slightly complicated production process. We have overseen and delivered most of the packaging and branded merchandise.

Every successful business needs a flagship product – we opted for the now famous “Goldburger” – a black burger sprinkled with edible goald leaves, inspired by our former collegues` trip to Dubai.

We’re glad that it became an instant classic not only on slovak instagram :)


Jump Street is nowadays a staple of Bratislava’s fast food scene, a massive success attracting a different crowd than your usual fastfood joint. Oh – you should try their cheesecake – it’s our favorite!

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