LD Derma

Our services:
Art direction, Branding, Print design, Web design, Production


LD Derma is a newly established outpatient clinic of aesthetic and corrective medicine established by a well known dermatological expert – MUDr. Lucia Drahovsk√°. We were asked to help to create a brand, that is not only reputable and upscale, but approachable and friendly at the same time.

Logo and its applications

We opted for a readable, simple, yet sophisticated solution with an incorporated LD monogram, that can be used alone either as a stamp or a signet when needed. Using foil stamping and high quality materials for stationary and office products is a must and provides the necessary look and feel.

Brand usage

When needed a supplementary element is used. In this case we created an abstract pattern originating from the lines and texture of a human skin.


The shades of blue in contrast with the gold used in typography provide a serious and subtly luxurious feel.

Brand manual

Companies are constantly evolving and are in a need of new materials that need to follow the same principles and criteria. This is why it`s important to have a brand, identity or design manual – they serve as a reference or “rules” of the company and its image.

Facebook & Instagram ads

It’s important to deliver the company’s desired image on all media – and social networks are a must these days.


Probably the most used promo material, alongside a business card, in the starting phase of a business in this field. It had to look extra good! ;)


The most important communication channel of LD Derma. More about the web presence in the dedicated case study.

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