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Natuzzi Editions

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About Natuzzi Editions

60 years ago a small furniture workshop in Puglia was born and now has grown to become one of the largest companies that exports worldwide.

Our role

We were asked to design an exclusive online presence, following the companies guidelines. We were responsible for the design part – creating an online brand guideline. The front- and back end programming was done by the clients side.

“Love for our work: this is what has made us the greatest artisans in the world.” Pasquale Natuzzi

Unified headers & attention to detail

For a client like Natuzzi – a company that emphasizes the quality and sophistication of its products – is crucial to pay proper attention to even the smallest of the details.

“We put our most sincere passion into what we do, in search of perfection, beauty, and harmony inside and outside us. Every day like the first day. With the firm belief that being entrepreneurs involves a commitment to common growth, to our community and to our country.”

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