Our services:
Art direction, Branding, Webdesign, UI / UX


PAMATREND has been providing comprehensive client accounting, bookkeeping, tax and accounting consultancy for more than 26 years now.

Our task was to redesign and rebrand their online presence.

Custom illustrations for each subpage

Tailor-made illustrations were made for each subpage. After all, accounting doesn’t have to be boring, right?

Professional news

PAMATREND collects and regularly publishes interesting facts and important information for their clients. Being informed is a must! (A must is also to display this information appropriately, engagingly and logically. That was our job :)

Tailor-made icons

Not only bright illustrations, but also iconography forms an integral part of PAMATREND’s online identity. We`ve created distinctive icons for each type of news items in the given section.


of the web presentation is a no brainer in today’s world. We spent a lot of time fine tuning the correct display on individual devices, so that everything is tip-top for the user.