Divine Dolce

Divine Dolce

Our services:
Art Direction, Branding, Print Design, Production

About Divine Dolce

Divine Dolce is a one-(wo)man homebakery, specializing in custom handmade pies, tarts, gateaus and cakes for various occasions.

Our role

Andrea, Divine Dolce`s heart and soul approached us with a New York style cheesecake in one hand and a brand & logo brief in the other and asked us to help her define the Divine Dolce brand. After the food coma, we gladly obliged.

Our delivery

One thing was clear:  the brand should reflect all that Andrea is – stylish, elegant but not posh and exclusive yet approachable, personal and welcoming.
We opted for simple and distinguishable typography combined with soft, melty background shapes to evoke the feeling one gets while opening one of Divine Dolce`s cake boxes.

Yummy colors

The easy part. Choco, pistachio, strawberry, vanilla…you name it, we got it!


The whole identity was created with the packaging in mind – Andrea has no physical shop set up yet so the package is the second most important visual item the client receives. Using vanilla colored recycled carton and the abstract “frosting” made all the difference.

Social media

Since Divine Dolce`s main client funnel is Instagram and Facebook, it was really important to seamlessly implement the new presence also onto the mobile and computer screens


Gift cards, stamps and stencils. For the added personal touch.