LUTO group

LUTO group

Our services:
Art Direction / Webdesign / Print

About LUTO Group

Luto group is a multinational company operating in the area of personnel and HR services mainly for the automotive sector. After dynamic growth and positive references from clients in Slovakia the company decided to extend the area of operation and provide its HR services in other countries – Czech republic, Germany and more.

Our responsibility

We were approached to create a new online identity – firstly used on the website, which can be later adapted on various on and offline medias. Our main goal was therefore to deliver a very flexible and “no BS” approach which will stand out amongst the company`s competitors not only online but other medias too.

Font and color scheme

The typeface was carefully chosen to reflect the minimalist and clear approach. The same applies for colors: red, white and black are distinctive and with these colors you can never go wrong ;)


Mobile first of course, it`s not 1990 anymore!

The devil is in the details

We were given a lot of trust and space to play with even the tiniest details of the new online brand